• Precision Plastic dies and mould
  • Precision red copper electrode
  • Precision graphite electrode
  • Hot cutting mould
  • Shoes mould
  • Steel mould

Technical Specifications:
MODEL SP 6050 SP 5040
Working Table Size(mm) 600mmx600mm 580mmx400mm
X/Y/Z Axis Movement Axis Movement 650mmx500mmx200mm 500mmx400mmx 200mm
X Y Z Movement Accuracy ±0.01/300mm ±0.01/300mm
X Y Z Repetition Accuracy 0.005mm 0.005mm
Flatness Error of Working Table ≤0.03mm ≤0.03mm
X Y Vertical Error 0.02mm 0.02mm
Media Height 50-300mm 30-240mm
Gantry Width 740mm 630mm
Maxi Load Weight 300 Kg 100 Kg
Pressure Deformation of Working Table <0.02mm (300Kg) <0.02mm (100Kg)
Spindle Power 3KW(Optional 4KW) 2.2KW
Spindle Rotate Speed 5000-24000 RPM 6000-24000 RPM
Max Movement speed 15m/min 10m/min
Total Power 7.5 KW 4 KW
Feed Motor Panasonic Servo Panasonic Servo
Power supply 380V ±10%, 50Hz 220V ±10%, 50Hz
Net Weight 2800 Kg 2000 Kg
Gross Weight 2900 Kg 2100 Kg
Machine Size 1720mmx1600mmx1930mm 1540mmx1530mmx1950mm
Packing Size 2200mmx1880mmx2300mm 1850mmx1800mmx2020mm
Optional 4th Axis, Manual quick cutter change, Auto cutter change 4th Axis, Manual quick cutter change, Auto cutter change